It's always darkest before the dawn...

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This is my blog. I post about the things I like, namely Glee. I happen to really enjoy the show (unpopular opinion, I know) so if you’re someone who doesn’t this is not the blog for you. I’ve written some fanfics which you can find on lj or AO3 under the same penname as my tumblr url. I like to blog about human rights and I try to promote them as much as possible. I play guitar and piano and I sing a little bit; I’ve written, like, one song I’m proud of. Maybe someday I’ll actually upload it. I have a lot of opinions and sometimes I share them. If you have any questions you can always hit up my ask box or send me a message. I like salty snacks.

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Angelina jolie 19 old, By Michel bourquard 1994

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when u accidentally click a link so u dont release the mouse and kind of slowly drag away from the link. threat avoided. citizens safe. for now.

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nothing will fuck you up as much as the realization that there’s no real reason the alphabet needs to be in order


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i was cuddling this guy once n he had his head on my chest n just whispered “what did you just think about?” and i went “netflix” becus i was thinkin about netflix and he just went

"oh. your heart sped up and i… ok"

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They had to pretend to be married for a case, and things just kind of got out of hand.

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"From a young age, I didn’t really want to follow the crowds, even if that made me unpopular or not cool…I probably should try a lot harder to pretend to be cool, but I’m really not."

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