It's always darkest before the dawn...

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This is my blog. I post about the things I like, namely Glee. I happen to really enjoy the show (unpopular opinion, I know) so if you’re someone who doesn’t this is not the blog for you. I’ve written some fanfics which you can find on lj or AO3 under the same penname as my tumblr url. I like to blog about human rights and I try to promote them as much as possible. I play guitar and piano and I sing a little bit; I’ve written, like, one song I’m proud of. Maybe someday I’ll actually upload it. I have a lot of opinions and sometimes I share them. If you have any questions you can always hit up my ask box or send me a message. I like salty snacks.

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Above you will find some of the public’s commentary on the latest marketing contest of Lay’s Canada, Do Us a Flavour, in which Canadians were asked to make suggestions for new chip flavours and vote on the best ones. Lay’s Canada asks Facebook to enjoy four delicious new flavour finalists during its Labour Day weekend celebrations: Perogy Platter, Grilled Cheese & Ketchup, Maple Moose, and Creamy Garlic Caesar. You may find yourself gagging at the thought of some of those, and you are not alone.

In response, Facebook delivers Lay’s some constructive feedback:

Nancy writes, "I find these are the grossest flavors of chips ever invented… Sorry just stating my opinion… Will not be wasting hard earned dollars on these anytime soon!"

Marc says, "Dont get me wrong i’m a big Lays fan but these 4 new flavors are just horrible."

And my personal favourite comment, from Tracy: " DO NOTTTTTT even waste money on the Maple Moose!! Most disgusting tasting chip ever!!!!!! And I am a chip fanatic!! Garlic Caesar is not bad..but after a while too much garlic!! Other two..mehhhh!! Disappointed Lays!! Of allll the picked these 4? Must have been awful competition!"

It’s times like this that I simply can’t find words for how grateful I am for the internet’s existence.